Why Do Some People Become Addicted to Methadone if Is Used to Help Quit a Addiction to Opiates?

Question by uabillmeier: Why do some people become addicted to Methadone if is used to help quit a addiction to opiates?
I have read that many addicts are prescribed Methadone to stop a addiction to opiates such as Oxycontin or Hydrocodone. In turn I have read that Methadone is highly addictive. From my understanding Methadone blocks any euphoric feelings that the opiates can create. So what is a addict feeling from Methadone that gets them addicted to the drug? Could someone try to explain this to me in lay mans terms?

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Answer by abs Oreks
methadone is a drug that has an equal amount of potency to a drug like morphine. this means a small amount is needed to get a strong effect like morphine. it produces physical dependence like morphine which is a very strong opioid. but the reason it is used to weak addicts of drugs is because it has a milder withdrawal symptom that is spread over a few days to weeks, as opposed to the withdrawal of the drugs you have mentioned where the withdrawal symptoms are really intense.

Answer by hipstertravels2
People use methadone because it blocks the opioid receptacles in the brain, so people won’t feel the euphoric effects of heroin or pain killers. It also has a half life of 24 hours (it lasts a longer amount of time, before you go into withdrawals) It keeps the withdrawals away, unlike a pain killer that only lasts a couple of hours. Also, people on methadone aren’t addicted to it, they are dependent on it to have a healthy, drug-free and crime-free life.

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