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Fatal Methadone Overdoses Soar in Kent County – WZZM

Fatal methadone overdoses soar in Kent County – WZZM

Fatal methadone overdoses soar in Kent County
Methadone entered the public consciousness in the 1950s when American doctors began using it to treat heroin addiction. Today, about 500,000 people are participating in methadone treatment programs nationwide, including several hundred locally.

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Boston to shutter drug treatment facility – Boston Globe

Boston to shutter drug treatment facility
Boston Globe
In a 6-to-1 vote last week, Boston's Board of Health decided to end more than 40 years of city-run methadone treatment, which uses the narcotic to wean addicts from heroin and other opiates. The addiction services will now be handled by Community …

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Kratom leaf is a legal high, but for how long? – Q13 FOX

Senate Approves Bill on Drug Monitoring Program

Senate approves bill on drug monitoring program
One requires that insurers cover methadone and other medications used to treat substance abuse. Another creates a process for follow-up care for patients with addiction issues after they're discharged from emergency rooms or other health care facilities.
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What happens when the vulnerable leave hospital?
He knows all the nooks and crannies, all the places others like him will bed down. Where to find a toilet, how to get a shower. How to survive. …. It used to be – maybe 15 years ago – that hospitals had social services departments within the hospital …
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The Real Deal: Insurance Coverage for Heroin Addiction

The Real Deal: Insurance coverage for heroin addiction
… at different treatment modalities." More specifically, the need for medication in overcoming addiction, "for a lot of people, families when you say methadone, it comes with a stigma, and people don't want to have their child become a methadone user …
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Drugged driving bill receives preliminary approval in Vermont
They also raised concerns about the test police use to determine whether someone is under the influence of drugs. The bill originated when state prosecutors told legislators it is nearly impossible to charge … Sears said he learned about Vivitrol …
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You can get any drug you want, where you want' – recovering addict
“People get methadone then sell it and use the money for drugs. People get Suboxone prescribed … Kristin Rothert, head of clinical standards and quality at Bridge, has seen a significant rise in prescription drug abuse in recent years. They are …
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Pain Management….?

Question by Marriedgirl: Pain Management….?
I hear people talk about pain management doctors.
Is it like therepy? How do they help with the pain?

Just wondering.


Best answer:

Answer by aminoguy
I actually make an ointment for physical pain. Mental pain and deeper internal pain need to have more Tryptpophan, as it will help invaluably with pain as well. 5HTP or Tryptophan are excellent source of pain relief depending on where the pain is. Certain companies make a lot of money off of trying to help people with pain relief.

Tennessee Just Became the First State That Will Jail Women for Their Pregnancy Outcomes

Tennessee just became the first state that will jail women for their pregnancy outcomes
Against the advice of doctors, addiction experts and reproductive health groups, Gov. Bill Haslam signed SB 1391
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Heroin addicts face barriers to treatment
NEW YORK (AP) — As the ranks of heroin users rise, increasing numbers of addicts are looking for help but are failing to find it — because there are no beds in packed facilities, treatment is hugely expensive and insurance companies won't pay for inpatient rehab. EDITOR'S NOTE _ The death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman underscored a troubling development: Heroin, long a scourge of the back …
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