My Best Friend Is Addicted to Methadone :(?

Question by Miley: my best friend is addicted to methadone :(?
He’s been my best friend since 1999 so I don’t want to give up on him, but his addictions are getting the best of him these days. He is not perscribed the Methadone. He gets it from a connection of his and he snorts it a long with his Klonopin. He says that he can take or leave the Methadone anytime he wants and he isn’t addicted, but he snorts that stuff every few hours. He’s been on it for three weeks now and has recently developed problems that include difficulty breathing, trouble urinating, speech problems, puking, and so on. How can I get him to kick his habit? Why won’t he listen to me and realize that stuff is bad for him? Has anyone ever died while on Methadone? Please give me all the info you can so I can make a thorough list and show it to him. Maybe then he will clean up his act.

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Answer by the_only_solorose
you can indeed overdose and die with methadone, and you can do the same with the Klonopin. He is an addict, and he is killing himself. The fact is, you can’t do a thing for him, other than help him make out a will. He has to recognize he has a problem, and then he has to want to do something about it, you can’t do either of these things for him. Frankly, if you see him driving or getting into the driver’s seat, you should call the police and have him taken off the road for the safety of others if not his own. They, finding him doped will take him to a hospital for a 72 hour evaluation, and that might scare him enough to straighten up, but don’t plan on it. This guy is intent on killing himself and really he will succeed soon by the symptoms you’ve mentioned.

Answer by br@ski
methadone is the hardest drug to quit have him go to a medical detox they give you meds to make it less painful like subutex methadone is very adddictive if he dosn’t think he has a problem he probably wont go get help he has to want recovery on his own but you can let him know that there is a better way to live life and he can get clean and just be there to support him but don’t try to force recovery on him! good luck and i wish him the best!

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