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America's War on Drugs: 40 Years, a Trillion Dollars, and Debatable Results

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Methadone Uses For Pain: America's war on drugs: 40 years, a trillion dollars, and debatable results
By the early '70s, methadone treatment was gaining popularity. The idea was to give heroin users a way to regulate their addiction by giving them a low dose of a controlled long-acting cousin to heroin, so they could stop shooting up and break the
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Methadone Uses for Pain: Treatment for Addiction Is Bringing Drug Use Down, Not Pushing It Up

Methadone Uses For Pain in the News

Methadone Uses For Pain: Treatment for addiction is bringing drug use down, not pushing it up
I can't see from the article whether people on methadone and subutex or other DRT programs are considered clean in your figures. Neither do i see the practice of putting people back on methadone before they leave prison. Yes, you read that right.
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Methadone Uses for Pain: Wheat Ridge Doctor Faces Drug Charges for Alleged “Pill Mill”

Methadone Uses For Pain in the News

Methadone Uses For Pain: Wheat Ridge doctor faces drug charges for alleged “pill mill”
Dr. Kevin Clemmer, a Jefferson County osteopath, is facing more than 50 federal criminal counts of distributing oxycodone — a synthetic opiate similar to heroin — “outside the scope of professional practice.”
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My Doctor Let Me Down and Let Me Go, I Want Justice, He Knew I Would Be Sick…what Do I Do?

Question by lizb7477: My doctor let me down and let me go, I want justice, he knew I would be sick…what do I do?
I was on Methadone for six years and then after this doctor helping me to get off of this drug, he still provided narcotic pain relievers for 2 plus more years and strong ones at that. I have had to result to drastic measures to deal with my pain and had many scary withdrawal situations. He never explained the pain “contract” to me or my father, I did not break this by doctor shopping or anything like that. I feel my health has been in jeopardy and if I have a case, I can use this money for getting the help I need so that when the new specialist sees me, then my hope for getting well will be even better. Please help, I want to know of any lawyers that could help me or any other advice. Thank you for anyone who can relate and takes the time to help me.
Even if this did not get going for a long time, I could still use anything from it repay investors that might help me with a proven cure for this addiction my body has to these medicines. I could also help my family whom is having financial problems due to helping me for so long…and still helping. I have a copy of my records with my new primary care physician and no contract is there where it shows I had a copy. This was the basis of letting me go since they found a small/tiny almost nonexistant trace of marijuana and he knew I used to smoke it regularly I had quit the prior year and only touched it 2 times. I did nothing wrong and he admitted it was not right to let me go but was being investigated by the dea. I do not feel I was any threat bc he and I had done nothing wrong. I am going to die if I do not get help and he knew I was in bad shape and would under oath admit that…I trusted him.. I feel so let down and I am very scared. I wouldn’t be in this position if not for him.
As I said before, he helped me get off methadone by giving it to me in pill form and for two years later gave me strong pain killers then let me go…he has a oath to do no harm and by leaving me in the wind, Ive suffered withdrawal several times now bc I do not have a steady prescription from my pcp at the time and have been hospitalized for it. I said he said he knew this was bad when he let me go and he never explained this so called contract to me never gave me a copy and also admitted he knew I used to smoke pot and agreed that he never told me I couldn’t and never said he had a problem with it…please read more carefully….I was just wondering what you all thought but thats ok…the bar association gave me a number after hearing these details.
As far as the methadone is concerned it just shows how I had a problem with narcotics and to give me enough and know my body is physically hooked is not in my opinion good practicing if you are going to let your patient go without warning. This has left me to be in a limbo period and as far as damages, well I can get a list of physical and emotional and financial damages. You obviously do not understand what physical addiction to a narcotic pain medicine can do to a person. I believe your a smart person but, I should never have asked this here.
Lastly, I was not let go for addiction. Any time a person is on 100 milligrams of methadone, they have a problem, not only that this doctor found many problems with the discs in my back and did several out patient surgeries on it. Like 20 or more. Now my last, I hope statement to clear up for anyone else, I got off the methadone with his help. This took me 2 years and for the last 2 and a half years he did not see the need to bring me off of oxycodone, he felt I needed it for my pain. I was not let go bc I abused my medication.

INFO on “Spinal Pain”?

Question by Judy: INFO ON “spinal pain”?
For many years I have had SPINAL PAIN ATTACKS that last for days at a time. It begins as a dull ache at the base of my spine, and gradually works it’s way up one side of the spine, crosses over and then goes down the other side. When the attack is over the muscle along my spine feels bruised at the touch. When experiencing these attacks…the pain intensifies (like a labor pain) and then gradually subsides. Less than a minute later, the cramping pain returns, and it does this 24 hours a day, for at least 3 days! These attacks have caused me to be suicidal, and the ONLY THING that stops these attacks are “Hard Narcotics”…I have found that taking Methadone keeps the attacks from occurring, and therefore have been on Maintenance Methadone for many years!
As a result, I haven’t had one attack. What I need to know is…has anyone experienced this same
thing in their spine? If so, what remedy is used to stop the attacks? I need to know that I am not alone…