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Fatal Methadone Overdoses Soar in Kent County – WZZM

Fatal methadone overdoses soar in Kent County – WZZM

Fatal methadone overdoses soar in Kent County
Methadone entered the public consciousness in the 1950s when American doctors began using it to treat heroin addiction. Today, about 500,000 people are participating in methadone treatment programs nationwide, including several hundred locally.

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Boston to shutter drug treatment facility – Boston Globe

Boston to shutter drug treatment facility
Boston Globe
In a 6-to-1 vote last week, Boston's Board of Health decided to end more than 40 years of city-run methadone treatment, which uses the narcotic to wean addicts from heroin and other opiates. The addiction services will now be handled by Community …

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Kratom leaf is a legal high, but for how long? – Q13 FOX

My Best Friend Is Addicted to Methadone :(?

Question by Miley: my best friend is addicted to methadone :(?
He’s been my best friend since 1999 so I don’t want to give up on him, but his addictions are getting the best of him these days. He is not perscribed the Methadone. He gets it from a connection of his and he snorts it a long with his Klonopin. He says that he can take or leave the Methadone anytime he wants and he isn’t addicted, but he snorts that stuff every few hours. He’s been on it for three weeks now and has recently developed problems that include difficulty breathing, trouble urinating, speech problems, puking, and so on. How can I get him to kick his habit? Why won’t he listen to me and realize that stuff is bad for him? Has anyone ever died while on Methadone? Please give me all the info you can so I can make a thorough list and show it to him. Maybe then he will clean up his act.

“COP” Program to Combat Heroin Addiction in NY

“COP” Program To Combat Heroin Addiction In NY — Attorney General Schneiderman launched his Community Overdose Prevention (COP) program, which will equip of all New York law-enforcement officers with naloxo…

Editorial: Opiateoverdose antidote will save lives
Naloxone is the standard treatment for opiate overdoses, which claimed 16,600 lives in 2010, according to the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Right now people have to rely on emergency responders to administer the injections. New York Attorney …
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Life-saving overdose antidote may become easy to buy
How much more can a parent take?" She left an addiction support group clutching what she came for – Narcan, a drug often referred to as the antidote to opiate overdoses. More commonly known by its generic name, naloxone, the injectable drug reverses …
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Senate Dems Unveil Bill Package to Fight Heroin Epidemic

Senate Dems unveil bill package to fight heroin epidemic
Parker told a story of his brother who died of a methadone overdose in jail after contracting the AIDS virus. He has introduced a bill (S.7101) that would provide $ 200,000 for the production of public service announcements and a social media campaign …
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Woman Found Suffering from Heroin Overdose at Northampton City Hall
Clearly you dont know a THING about heroin addiction….as I sit here at the methadone clinic and read this article and your unforgiving comment, you need a sever whack upside the head! Knowing friends of family who struggle is one thing but going …
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R.I. State Police being armed with Narcan to counteract opiate overdoses
Opiates include heroin, methadone and prescription drugs such as OxyContin or Vicodin. Someone who uses too much of an opiate experiences slowing breathing and, without getting help, can lose respiration. Apparent accidental drug overdose deaths in …
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Writing Lots of Prescriptions Even Though He Was Not a Doctor

Writing lots of prescriptions even though he was not a doctor — Jonathan Whitkin, is not a doctor but he has written a lot of prescriptions. Oxycodone, hydrocodone, methadone and others. Forging prescriptions got him put …

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Highland County Drug Deaths at State Average

Highland County drug deaths at state average
A record number of Ohioans died from heroin-related overdoses in 2012, the state Department of Health said as it released the newest available figures for a problem that's been called an epidemic and a public health crisis, and Highland County …
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Heroin 'filled the hole': For kid from suburbs, pot was first stop on road to
About a month after his release from a court-ordered, 8½-month residential treatment program, Lewis, then 17, reverted to his old ways. He returned to marijuana and cocaine, then moved … of the death. After a few days, he decided to get clean. Lewis …
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Antidote for heroin overdose to be administered by police in new campaign — Amid growing awareness of heroin abuse and overdoses, a new public service campaign has police officers – who are often first on the scene – administer the d…