Methadone Withdrawl?? Worse Than Pain Pills?

Question by : methadone withdrawl?? worse than pain pills?
i am wondering if methadone is harder to get off of than opiates
(pain pills)?????

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Answer by VA
I can’t speak from experience, but everyone I know who has had to detox from both of them claims that the methadone withdrawal was much, much worse than opioid withdrawal. They’ve all been chronic pain patients, though, which may influence things. I don’t know if it would be the same for recreational users.

Answer by Gia M
For me it was SO much worse! Detoxing from pain pills takes roughly 3 days and at LEAST 5 days from methadone. However even after 2 weeks I did not feel normal after getting off methadone. I ended up in the emergency room because I could not take the discomfort anymore. They gave me a low dose of anti-anxiety medication that helped me sleep through it. Methadone is such a scary thing. I gained 40 pounds while on it and it made me more drugged out than the pills did. It feels so much worse to get off of than heroin or pain killers. Most people I know that have been on methadone never get off of it simply because the withdrawals feel like they will never go away. However they do and life is so much better without it. I wish I had taken Suboxone instead. It gets you off drugs in a similar way methadone does but it does not have creepy side effects and is WAY easier to taper off of! I hope this helps.

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