Methadone Transportation Costs Rack Up Huge Tab for Taxpayers

Methadone transportation costs rack up huge tab for taxpayers
The state says the controlled substance methadone can help wean patients off heroin and other addictions, which are on the rise. "This is considered a full flown epidemic according to the CDC," said Molly Carney with Evergreen Treatment Centers, which … Read more on KOMO News

San Patrignano: Drug rehabilitation centre where ex-addicts find their way to
Tucked in the northern hills of Italy, San Patrignano is not a typical training ground for marathoners. It has 1,300 residents at its main facility, which doubles as a small farming community. The addicts submit to a four-year rehabilitation program in … Read more on Economic Times

Male eating disorders becoming more common
You've probably heard of Methadone, and perhaps Suboxone, as drugs used to treat opiate addiction. … I've known riders that when their careers are over they don't have to watch their weight anymore, but they can't help but flip after doing it for so … Read more on WXIX

VA's opiate overload feeds addictions, overdoses
Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, charged with helping veterans recover from war, instead masks their pain with potent drugs, feeding addictions and contributing to a fatal overdose rate among VA patients that … Read more on Tulsa World

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