Methadone Coverage Could Return to Medicaid Menu

Methadone coverage could return to Medicaid menu
The Illinois Medicaid program is weighing whether to resume covering methadone treatments, a proposal that is likely to stir up controversy after the practice was halted about 20 years ago amid criticism about the soaring costs of substance abuse care. Read more on Crain’s Chicago Business

Red tape keeps methadone clinic in Ipswich's new-look CBD
CITY workers will be mixing it with drug addicts on Brisbane St, as they wait for a CBD methadone clinic's afternoon opening time during the lunch-time rush. As the first of 1200 public servants have moved into Icon Ipswich, concerns are growing that a … Read more on The Queensland Times

At Clinics, Tumultuous Lives and Turbulent Care
Buprenorphine was developed as a safer alternative to methadone for treating heroin and painkiller addiction, a take-home medication that could be prescribed by doctors in offices rather than dispensed daily in clinics. But in some areas a de facto … Read more on New York Times

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