'Just Flooding Us': Tenn. Spike in Drug-Dependent Newborns Is Warning to Nation

'Just flooding us': Tenn. spike in drug-dependent newborns is warning to nation
Caregivers try to ease the babies through withdrawal, which can take about a week, with soothing care, including swaddling and rocking in dark, quiet rooms. But many infants have to be dosed with morphine or methadone, also opiates, and then slowly … Read more on NBCNews.com (blog)

Tennessee Hospital Reports Massive Spike in Drug-Addicted Newborns
Unfortunately, it takes about a week for some of these infants to get through their withdrawals, and in many cases, they still have to be dosed with morphine or methadone and then eased slowly off the drugs. “It's extremely labor intensive,” Saunders said. Read more on Growing Your Baby

More drug war follies
While withdrawal is rarely fatal in adults, it can kill a fetus and cause a miscarriage. Compared to untreated or abstinence-only drug treatment, mothers on methadone maintenance have healthier babies. The Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) is managed … Read more on Drug WarRant

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