Anyone Have a Success Story About Beating Painkiller Addiction?

Question by ragzy02: Anyone have a success story about beating painkiller addiction?
I just see so many people’s lives totally controlled by pills such as oxycodone, methadone, hydrocodone, etc. and I totally understand how it happens, but I just wanted to hear some success stories of how you or someone you know beat this problem and your thoughts on the subject. Specifically, I’d like to hear how people rehabilitate their brain’s reward system back to it’s normal function. For instance, after you’re on opiates for awhile, eating doesn’t give you the good, content, full feeling that it used to.

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Answer by Barry
Not painkillers; however, I know that the pleasure pathways of the brain may take some considerable time to reprogram. Google: “painkiller addiction; chat sites + forums” Ask there (higher probability of useful answers).

Addictions per se: view

Something worth considering: 85% of people are suggestible, to some degree, so you could either seek professional hypnotherapy, or has ones about cloud nine, and happy days you could click on and assess.

Answer by Chris
I used a suboxone regimen for 9 months. I started at 16mg/day and tapered to 4mg/day. The problem was: I couldn’t ween below 4mg/day. W/D would kick in 12-16 hours after my last dose, and they are just as bad as oxy W/D. I ditched the subs and starting tapering with oxycodone/oxycontin. Over three months I’ve tapered from 45-60mg every 2-3 days to 5mg every 3-4 days. For me, weening with the oxy itself seemed to delay the W/D symptoms. Instead of having to take a sub EVERY DAY, I can dose with oxy every 3-4 days. I plan on cutting to 2.5mg/3-5 days within the next week.

What also helped:

OTC Unisom – helped with nausea and sleep

Prescription Bentyl (which was a legitimate scrip from my doctor) – helped with abdominal pain/cramping

OTC Immodium – helped with the firewater that was being discharged

Warm baths – helped with shaking/chills as well as cramping.

Talking with people who are going through the same experience.

Sticking with my normal schedule (going to work, school work [college], playing hockey, going to the gym, etc…), keeping busy and focused on other things, and treating the W/D symptoms like a minor disturbance.

If this information is to be used for your own personal struggle, I wish you luck. Make sure to speak with people who are going through the same thing – but don’t dwell (as I said, keep focused on other things). Do your best, have a strong mindset, and things should work to your advantage.

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