Any Home Remedies for Methadone Withdraw?

Question by SHAWN Z: Any home remedies for methadone withdraw?
i am in my 2nd day of a methadone withdraw. this is the first time i have ever been threw this. i can handle it ok but my biggest problem is the anxiety. i can not sit still for two minutes at a time. is there any over the counter remedies that will help. i do not have insurance so going to the doctor is out of the question

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Answer by David L
get a low dosage nicotine patch quitting kit, drink some tea, and pop a couple benadryl. it’ll help a lot.

Answer by qtpie20121
Without insurance there isn’t anything OTC I know of but there is a forum for those detoxing from methadone and you could look there. Klonipin is often prescribed during withdrawal as an anxiety med.

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