Anger at Boots the Chemist Over Serving Addicts at Same Time as Families

Methadone Addiction: Anger at Boots the Chemist over serving addicts at same time as families
DRUG addicts collecting methadone at a pharmacy are being given priority over families, a mother has claimed.
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Methadone Addiction: Home Remedy Detox Methods That Work! Dr. Judy shares her top remedies to use at home for cancer that uses herbs, foods, and therapies.
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2 Responses to “Anger at Boots the Chemist Over Serving Addicts at Same Time as Families”

  • liondoghound:

    DMX works? I’ll have to try it. My withdrawls are a living hell. I can only describe them as being shcked over and over.

  • Canatheist:

    Herbs? These are “Best Remedies”? Try a good NMDA antagonist and you’re opiate withdrawal symptoms will be obliterated (like 90% gone, easily). When I’ve detoxed from very high doses of oxycodone, I take 90mg Dextromethorphan (try a lower dose your first time and see how you feel, and MAKE SURE IT’S ONLY PURE DXM) twice a day (about 9 hours apart), and it totally destroys detox symptoms. I actually went out clubbing on DXM once while in full opiate detox (and I mean FULL), and had a great time