Amy Winehouse Skin Condition?

Question by frankfarter!: amy winehouse skin condition?
the contagious skin condition she contracted….. is this something crack-heads or heavy drug users contract easily or is this something anyone can easily get? i have never heard of that condition before??? it’s called impetigo
well, drug addicts are known to pick at their skin… could that have exacerbated that?

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Answer by Rhonda H
I saw a picture and it looked like her cheek was swollen or something. Girl, I have no idea, but I feel sorry for her. It sort of reminded me of a staph infection or something….more so than blisters and rashes, which is impetigo.

My guess is Amy Winehouse just has poor hygiene period. I know that sounds gross, but that’s usually when infection occurs is when someone isn’t taking very good care of themeslves, both through nutrition to boost their immune system, and through lack of washing and stuff. Drugs make people stop caring about taking care of themselves, and in Amy Winehouse’s case, I think this could have been a result of lack of personal care and hygiene.
(Gross, but true).

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19 Responses to “Amy Winehouse Skin Condition?”

  • starglowshady:

    NO its not from drugs anyone can get it…… its like staph or strep its a skin condition… its a bacteria under the skin that makes you itch…..

  • schwartzist:

    “Two types of bacteria cause impetigo — Staphylococcus aureus (staph), which is most common, and Streptococcus pyogenes (strep). Both types of bacteria can live harmlessly on your skin until they enter through a cut or other wound and cause an infection.

    In adults, impetigo is usually the result of injury to the skin — often by another dermatological condition such as dermatitis. Children are commonly infected through a cut, scrape or insect bite, but they can also develop impetigo without having any notable damage to the skin. Impetigo that strikes healthy skin is called primary impetigo. Secondary impetigo occurs after an injury to your skin’s protective barrier.”

    I always thought it came from animals licking people…but dunno. Here’s just what I found.

  • jnwildman:

    I know lots of people with impetigo. Wow, Amy Winehouse has it…couldn’t have happened to a nicer person!

    Definition Return to top

    Impetigo is a skin disorder caused by bacterial infection and characterized by crusting skin lesions.

    Causes Return to top

    Impetigo is a common skin infection. It is most common in children, particularly children in unhealthy living conditions. In adults, it may follow other skin disorders. Impetigo may follow a recent upper respiratory infection such as a cold or other viral infection. It is similar to cellulitis, but is more superficial, involving infection of the top layers of the skin with streptococcus (strep), staphylococcus (staph), or both.

    The skin normally has many types of bacteria on it, but intact skin is an effective barrier that keeps bacteria from entering and growing within the body. When there is a break in the skin, bacteria can enter the body and grow there, causing inflammation and infection. Breaks in the skin may occur with insect bites, animal bites, or human bites, or other injury or trauma to the skin. Impetigo may occur on skin where there is no visible break.

    Impetigo begins as an itchy, red sore that blisters, oozes and finally becomes covered with a tightly adherent crust. It tends to grow and spread. Impetigo is contagious. The infection is carried in the fluid that oozes from the blisters. Rarely, impetigo may form deeper skin ulcers.

    Symptoms Return to top

    Skin lesion on the face or lips, or on the arms or legs, spreading to other areas. Typically this lesion begins as a cluster of tiny blisters which burst, followed by oozing and the formation of a thick honey- or brown-colored crust that is firmly stuck to the skin.
    Itching blister:
    Filled with yellow or honey-colored fluid
    Oozing and crusting over
    Rash (may begin as a single spot, but if person scratches it, it may spread to other areas).
    In infants, a single or possibly multiple blisters filled with pus, easy to pop and — when broken — leave a reddish raw-looking base.
    Lymphadenopathy — local lymph nodes near the infection may be swollen.
    Exams and Tests Return to top

    Diagnosis is based primarily on the appearance of the skin lesion. A culture of the skin or mucosal lesion usually grows streptococcus or staphylococcus.

    Treatment Return to top

    The goal is to cure the infection and relieve the symptoms.

    A mild infection may be treated with a prescription antibacterial cream. More severe cases may require antibiotics, taken by mouth.

    Wash the skin several times a day, preferably with an antibacterial soap, to remove crusts and drainage.

    Outlook (Prognosis) Return to top

    The sores of impetigo heal slowly and seldom scar. The cure rate is extremely high, but they often come back in young children.

    Possible Complications Return to top

    The infection could spread to other parts of the body. This is common.
    Children often have multiple patches of impetigo.
    A systemic infection could lead to kidney failure (post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis). This is a rare occurrence.
    Permanent skin damage and scarring may occur (also extremely rare).
    When to Contact a Medical Professional Return to top

    Call for an appointment with your health care provider if symptoms indicating impetigo are present.

    Prevention Return to top

    Prevent the spread of infection. If you have impetigo, always use a clean washcloth and towel each time. Do not share towels, clothing, razors, and so on with other family members. Wash the hands thoroughly after touching the skin lesions.

    Good general health and hygiene help to prevent infection. Minor cuts and scrapes should be thoroughly cleansed with soap and clean water. A mild antibacterial agent may be used, if desired.

    Impetigo is contagious, so avoid touching the draining (oozing) lesions.

  • ombrug3:

    Long dayz cold? nightz!!!!!!

  • virtuallypaul:

    Thinking good thoughts. This shit sucks.?

  • aviatorsfcchris:

    Where u at man…alive??

  • MelindaShadowFighter:

    Leave your family before you hurt your? kids. Id rather see you clean with your kids. Then addicted and with your kids.

  • MrAlbie1970:

    Con t: be high. Thing is it takes a good month and I sure as fuck don t know everything but I know the circle is viscous. I d have enuf on hand for 2 months stock, thats fucked up. I opened up a small? construction business and things r slow so detox time. I want to use my degree again and b free. Ok, this is about you. Hope you r making progress. Think of how it hurts our loved ones to see us like this over and over. Coming off an 8 yr deal nevr missed a day! Dedicated to not being dopesick,

  • MrAlbie1970:

    Ok dude , you definitely need to quit obsessing over it. Personally was inspired by your vids and am going into day four, haven t slept a frickin wink. Been doing this for 15 years and am x athlete just like? u with this fucking crutch that is ruining my life. I know it s hard when they r within reach n cuz my lady has vikes . Get pissed, thats what made me stop 3 days ago, coming off done n xanax, talk about a trip, I m seeing shit. Don t b dissapointed with urself, we re addicts, we like to

  • Robbie Kenneally:

    woody harlesson haha?

  • normancoleman:


  • CF40:

    Lol you didnt even have to tell us that your using? again, i can tell by your pinpoint pupils

  • ibogahelp:

    Suboxone? is the source of misery for tens of thousands of people. People are made to believe it is the best option because it is very profitable for the doctors involved. Based on the experience I have with Suboxone and the the people I work with, I would never suggest anyone take Suboxone. It is a much tighter form of opiate slavery.

  • ibogahelp:

    Ibogaine is the only thing that will make the obsession go away. ?

  • bardster111:

    why not? suboxone?…that will solve everything

  • 4223laura:

    (cont’d) anyways jus wonderin if u kno… like i havent had diareah or vomiting ive been eating drinkin walkin around everyday since…? so??? what do u think?? id really appriciate ur opinion 🙂 thanks soooo much!!!!!! 🙂

  • 4223laura:

    (cont’d) physically… but as for yesterday i went for a walk n everything n? felt fine… but then ya at night slept like shit…. n right now i feel fine.. jus lazy… im jus wondering if this shit will be done fer me like by day 4-5??? becuz ive already been off o’s n now im off methadone… last sip was…. a week ago… n in between that time i did a few o’s n now am done everything… i kno this sounds confusing lol sry, but i was doin this shit all ramdonly was never all the time….

  • 4223laura:

    (cont’d) mild growin pains in my legs, n lastnight i had a hard time STAYIN asleep… but thats it… im jus wonderin if u kno if this way im feelin wont be too long for me?…. im not trying to throw this in? anyones face or brag n say ” oh i feel great!” cuz i dnt… but im jus askin u becuz uve been thru this n ur videos are supposed to be for help sorta or jus to show ppl that if they do this shit this is what will happen…. another thing…. day one was the worst for me mentally n

  • 4223laura:

    this is a continuation from my bottom msg, sry not enough room lol.. anyways ya, i stopped for 4 days no withdrawls…. then i started agian n then stopped n started takin this methadone for i dnt kno how many months, i think…. few months… but not alot at all…. (my doses)… so to make a long story short… ive been off everything for 2 n a 1/2 days… n only symptoms ive had are sweats which were night one not lastnight or at all today.. jus cold n weak… hardly? any aches jus feel like