Am I Ok to Take Suboxone 24 Hours After Methadone?

Question by peace_fubar: Am I ok to take suboxone 24 hours after methadone?
I am trying to ease off of a bad habit and I was taking methadone for a very short period of time ( 3-4 days) I wanted to switch over to suboxone but I heard that it can force horrible withdraw symptoms. My question is since I only took methadone for a very short amount of time, would I be ok to start suboxone within 24 hours?

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Answer by Erica
Holy crap no. You will go into immediate and intense withdrawal. Some people go from methadone to a shorter acting drug (like, heroin or oxycodone) before switching to suboxone.

I know you only took it for 3 or 4 days, but methadone has a very long half life….To be honest, people usually have more luck with about 72 hours….But since you only took it for a short time, I’d say you might be okay with 48 hours. But I would be terrified to jump on subs at 24 hours! Maybe take a little loperamide (Immodium) to help with the symptoms. Good luck.

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