Akys Addiction Only Gets Worst as She Uses Her Drugs to Warm Herself Up in the Snow.

Akys addiction only gets worst as she uses her drugs to warm herself up in the snow. — Why don’t you try putting some clothes on next time.

Philip Seymour Hoffman, Heroin, and Addiction: Four Blunt Points
A celebrity overdose in Greenwich Village brings faster action than routine drug-fueled mayhem in New York City's less-affluent precincts—that's just a hard fact of life. More than anything else, what the cops discovered when they busted four …
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It's high time to end drug culture
And the problem, for some reason, is now worse in Australia than in any other developed country, according to a 2012 UN report. In Sydney, cocaine … A study in the Medical Journal of Australia last September found ambulance call-outs for crystal meth …
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More Methadone Addiction Worse Than Heroin Information…

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