18-Month Sentence for Home Invasion

18-month sentence for home invasion
Cook is a drug addict with a lengthy criminal record. The father of three is once again on the methadone program. The Crown was looking for a sentence of two to two and a half years. Including time served, Cook's sentence adds up to about 21 months. Read more on CBC.ca

Heart Rhythm Risks Among Methadone Users With HIV
August 26, 2013. Heart Rhythm Risks Among Methadone Users With HIV. People with HIV who are on methadone maintenance therapy to treat opioid dependence have an elevated risk of hearth rhythm abnormalities that can prove fatal, aidsmap reports. Read more on AIDSmeds.com HIV/AIDS Treatment News

Woman charged with killing grandson mistakenly released from jail, surrenders
A woman charged last month with killing her 1-year-old grandson and injuring another grandchild by rubbing methadone on their gums was mistakenly released from the Baltimore jail last week. Mark Cheshire, a spokesman for the Baltimore State's Attorney … Read more on Baltimore Sun

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